News 3 Round high pressure sight glasses

in special design

High-pressure sightglass fitting type 322 with double glazing, flushing connections and heating cartridges

For a technical university we developed 3 round sightglasses of type 322 for a test set-up for the following requirements: 2 pieces of type 322 in DN 40 PN 160 with double glazing of quartz glass with 3 heating cartridges and 1 rinsing connection in the interspace. In the connecting flange of these two sightglasses 3 additional connections for the test environment, 2 flushing and 1 return connection in 1/8", were provided. The third sightglass fitting of type 322 was also designed in DN 40 PN 160. Here, however, only as single glazing without heating cartridges. However, the connections in the connecting flange were also made here. The quartz glass was specially manufactured for optical measurements at + 350 °C.

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