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Type 330 Longitudinal sight glass fitting

Maximised process observation on a viewing length of 884 mm as standard?

Yes, we also have a wide-ranging standard portfolio. For an existing customer, we were allowed to manufacture two type 330 longitudinal sight glasses with a total length of 930 mm. Our proven longitudinal sight glass type 330 is used to indicate the filling level of containers, boilers and silos. We can cover a pressure range of up to 40 bar with our type 330, generally we offer our type 330 in two different nominal pressure stages, on the one hand there is the nominal pressure stage PN 16, for higher requirements the nominal pressure stage PN 40 offers sufficient performance.

Another advantage for the end user is the Lloyd's Register pre-testing for all overall lengths. We manufacture our Type 330 in overall lengths from 140 mm to 1000 mm, the available intermediate sizes can be taken from our data sheet.

Data Sheet - Type 330 Longitudinal sight glass fitting – (347.10 KB)

Special lengths which vary from the standard range can be tested and manufactured on request. All longitudinal sight glass fittings type 330 are equipped with high-quality MAXOS® sight glass plates according to DIN 7081. The fitting can be equipped with either transparent or reflective glass. The differences and advantages of these two glass versions are explained in more detail in the FAQ section of our Help Center.

Info Sheet - Reflex- and Transparentglass – (1.01 MB)

Even for the most challenging operating conditions, we always have a solution. Our Type 330 can be equipped with either mica or FEP protection discs. We also offer a wide range of different sealing materials, so that a suitable sealing material can be found for almost any medium. For the screw connections between the base frame and the cover frame, we also use the highest quality materials. Our valves are equipped ex works exclusively with screws of grade A4-70. We also only use materials that are approved in accordance with the applicable AD2000 material data sheets. Contact us if you would like us to assist you with your next project.

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