News Sight Glass Type 317 With Wiper & Light


Clear visibility and bright light...

oughout the process? No problem! With our tank sight glass type 317, with additional sight glass wiper and sight glass light, the entire observation process can be optimized.

We were able to deliver 18 tank sight glasses type 317 in nominal size DN 100 to our customer. The fittings were completely equipped with wipers. The wipers have the advantage that the area in contact with the medium can be cleaned if necessary.

This additional equipment significantly increases the effectiveness of process monitoring. The wipers are actuated manually by means of a T-handle; the direction of rotation can be freely selected.

The wiper blade was made of highly resistant PTFE and is FDA compliant according to 21 §177.2600. Since this is a pressureless application, we considered the lightweight version of type 317 similar to DIN 28120. This tank sight glass is often used in biogas applications, the maximum possible overpressure is 0.49 bar(g).This lightweight design is above all very cost-efficient and convenient to handle when welded into the vessel wall. Of the total of 18 tank sight glasses, 9 tank sight glasses were equipped with additional LED sight glass lights.

These tank sight glasses are used for additional illumination of the inside of the tank, this equipment package enables maximum process monitoring. Another advantage is the way in which the sight glasses are fastened; they are attached directly to the wiper shaft by means of a retaining clip. The lights can therefore be quickly detached from the fitting during inspections or cleaning work. An additional pushbutton enables the sight glass light to be switched on or off. Compared to a sight glass light without pushbutton (continuous operation), this design is energy-efficient. Due to the low requirements in regular operation, we decided to use sight glass plates made of soda-lime glass similar to DIN 8902. The sealing was made with a universally applicable KlingerSil® C4400 gasket. This gasket material offers reliable resistance to oils, water, steam, gases, salt solutions, fuels, organic and inorganic acids and many other media.

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The tank sight glasses type 317 are successfully in use and support our customer in process monitoring.

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