News Special design type 335 with stepped glass


Special design of a longitudinal sight glass type 335 with stepped glass

We received an interesting enquiry from our Dutch commercial agency about an almost dead-space-free and longitudinal sightglass fitting. The sight glass plates should also be made of PMMA (Plexiglas®) and withstand an operating pressure of up to 3 bar.

 The requirements for the viewing area and the outer dimensions of the fitting were also clearly defined. Our longitudinal sightglass fitting type 335 was to serve as the basis. The free viewing area was specified as 410 x 50 mm. This results in outer dimensions of 480 x 120 mm for this fitting.

The biggest challenge was to create an area with almost no dead space on the media side. The enormous overall length did not simplify this task. A step-shaped sight glass plate was designed to meet the "free of dead space" requirement. Our engineering department customised the existing Type 335 according to the specifications. With these dimensions, the coordinated definition of the manufacturing tolerances and their compliance is extremely important. Deviations in the machining production can lead to a failure of the complete system.

Dimensions: 480 x 120 mm
Frame material: 1.4571 (F316Ti)
Type of installation:

For welding on or in

Glass material: PMMA (Plexiglas®)
Working pressure max. 3 bar(g)
Working temperature: max. 30°C

After our design department had carried out all the necessary calculations for the design of the fitting, the concept was presented to our customer and the implementation discussed. After a quick quotation and clarification of all technical details, we received the order for 12 valves. We were able to support an interesting project with our type 335, made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4571 (F316Ti).

After completion and final quality control, the valves were safely shipped to the customer and are already in use there.

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