News Tank Sight Glass Type 390 up to 250 bar

Tank Sight Glass Type 390 up to 250 bar

Summer is also here at ACI Industriearmaturen GmbH and the thermometer is climbing...

Appropriate for this time of year, it was hot again for us! We have already shown in previous news articles that we can handle high operating temperatures. But is 250 bar(g) at +400°C still compatible and feasible? Yes, no problem for us!

For an initial test on a newly designed plant, we were allowed to supply a vessel sight glass of type 390 with a nominal width of DN 25 with a welding spigot in accordance with DIN EN 1092-1 for a plant manufacturer.

In the nominal pressure range PN 250, we can supply our type 390 up to nominal size DN 65 as standard. Our type 390 is designed so that the maximum possible operating pressure can be maintained at full utilisation temperature. In this version, the sight glass flanges are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel 1.4571 (F316Ti). 

It goes without saying that we only use certified material for the flanges that meets the requirements of AD2000. When selecting suitable bolts, we also only use TÜV-approved manufacturers, which are also listed in the VdTÜV data sheet 1253-4.

To achieve a maximum operating temperature of +400°C, at a pressure stress of 250 bar(g), we have resorted to a thermally non-tempered borosilicate glass. The single sight glass plate can even withstand a permanent operating temperature of +450°C.

Typ 390 DN 25 Rückansicht mit Schweißstutzen

The sealing system also plays a fundamental role at such high operating temperatures and pressures. We have resorted to a special sealing system that is already used in our numerous high-pressure valves. We have equipped this version of the Type 390 with additional mica protection discs on the media side, which gives our vessel sight glass even more additional performance.

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