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10 years ACI Industriearmaturen GmbH

What began quite modestly just over a decade ago in a small workshop has in recent years developed into a medium-sized company in the fittings industry. At the current headquarters in Eschweiler, the foundation was laid for an emerging and steadily growing company. Founded in May 2008 by the Managing Director Dirk Göttgens, ACI Industriearmaturen GmbH has developed from a pure dealer to an established manufacturer. The product portfolio ( is growing increasingly and always fulfills the high quality standards that ACI places on itself. The most important qualifications, from the certifications according to ISO 9001 to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), were also successfully acquired several times. The industrial valves designed and manufactured by ACI are now being installed internationally. Renowned automobile companies, energy producers, water suppliers, sewage treatment plants, shipbuilders, breweries, piping construction and plant construction companies, companies of the chemical industry, aerospace engineering, as well as numerous technical universities, counts the ACI Industriearmaturen GmbH among their customers. The borders of Europe have long since been exceeded and "deliveries to the most diverse countries in the world are not uncommon," the managing director reports. The internationalization and expansion of the customer base are therefore an ongoing goal for the Company.

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