Pipeline markings

For safety reasons, clear marking of the medium on the pipelines is indispensable. The marking of pipelines is used, for example, for effective fire-fighting and is also helpful during maintenance work. In this way, the operating medium flowing inside can be quickly identified. Also, emergency forces can immediately adjust to the dangers and react during extinguishing work.

  • The marking must be permanent and clearly visible.
  • Markings may be applied by means of painting, tapes, signs or inscriptions.
  • Markings should be applied at dangerous points and areas important for operation (e.g. at branches, at the beginning and end, at wall penetrations and fittings).
  • After a pipe length of max. 10 m, the marking must be repeated.
  • The marking must include the details of the group, additional colour, direction of flow and the designation of the medium. The medium should be named or identified with the chemical formula.
  • Hazardous substances must also be labelled with the corresponding hazard pictograms.
Medium Groupe Groupe colour RAL Additional colour Writing colour RAL
Water 1 green 6032 - white 9003
Water vapour 2 red 3001 - white 9003
Air 3 grey 7004 - black 9004
Flammable gases 4 yellow 1003 red black 9004
Not flammable gases 5 yellow 1003 black black 9004
Acids 6 orange 2010 - white 9003
Alkalis 7 violet 4008 - white 9003
Flammable liquids and solids 8 brown 8002 red white 9003
Not flammable liquids and solids 9 brown 8002 black white 9003
Oxygen 0 blue 5005 - white 9003
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