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What is a sight glass fitting?

Sight glasses enable visual inspection of the inside of containers and pipelines as well as the determination of filling levels. These are roughly divided into tank sight glasses, flow sight glasses and level indicators.

Tank sight glasses consist of two flanges with a glass plate clamped in between. They are available in round design or as longitudinal sight glasses. Round tank sight glasses can be welded in or on or screwed to flange connections, for example. Longitudinal tank sight glasses, on the other hand, are usually welded in or on (cf. tank sight glasses).

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Tank sight glasses
Flow sight glasses

Flow sight glasses consist of a housing and sight glasses attached to the side. Flow sight glasses can be connected via a flange connection, screwed via threads or welded in. As a special version of the flow sight glasses, the tubular flow sight glasses allow a 360° all-round view. They consist of a glass tube that is clamped between two flanges (cf. flow sight glasses).

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Level indicators are attached to the outside of a container and indicate the level of the medium. Level indicators are divided into reflective indicators and glass tube level indicators (cf. level indicators). In the case of reflection indicators, an elongated sight glass plate is clamped between a housing and a cover frame. The medium penetrates through the connection openings so that the level can be read using the principle of communicating tubes. In the case of glass tube level indicators, a glass tube is fixed between two connection fittings, via which the level can be read.

Level indicators
Level indicators
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