Product specification Gasket material
Material EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber)
Colour mostly black
Technical features
Operating temperature -50 to 130 °C / -58 to 266 °F (higher and lower is possible depending on medium and application))
Operating pressure up to 16 bar / 232 psi (higher is possible up to 50 bar / 725 psi depending on medium and application)
Physical and chemical properties
Physical Good ageing resistance, low to moderate pressure and temperature resistance
Chemical Resistant to water, glycols and brake fluids (glycol-based), acids (hydrochloric acid, nitric acid), alkalis (sodium hydroxide solution, potassium hydroxide solution), polar organic solvents (e.g. acetic acid), oxidising media (e.g. peracetic acid) Not resistant to mineral greases, oils and waxes, fuels (petrol, diesel, etc.)
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