Synthetic quartz sight glass plates

Product specification: Round sight glass plates, longitudinal sight glass plates, sight glass rings / tubes

Material: synthetic quartz glass

Optical properties as well as further information on the glass can be found in our info data sheet

INFO Data sheet synthetic quartz glass – (331.42 KB)

Flame-fused synthetic fused silica sight glasses are required wherever visual inspection of processes in vessels must be ensured under extreme pressure, at very high thermal and chemical stress.

Synthetic fused silica is ≥99.9995% SiO2, making it ideal for precision optics, lasers, lithography and electronics. It has superior chemical resistance and is ideal for high temperature applications.

Production and quality checks in the process sequence guarantee the property values of the glasses and the tight dimensional tolerances. With these outstanding properties, these sight glasses are suitable for extreme conditions.

Operating conditions:


  • 1000 °C / 1832 °F long-term
  • 1200 °C / 2192 °F short-term

Pressure: depending on diameter and thickness

Calculation of the pressure resistance: TOOL - Glass consultant quartz glass

Technical information

Coefficient of expansion at 20 °C / 300 °C (68 °F / 572 °F) : 5,4 x 10–7 cm °C

Young's modulus: 7,2 x 10^10 Pa

Thermal conductivity at 90 °C / 194 °F: 1,4 W/(m·°C)

Thermal shock reistance: 220 °C / 428 °F

Chemical resistance:

Water resistance DIN ISO 719/720: Hydrolysis class 1

Acid resistance DIN 12116: Acid class 1

Alkali resistance DIN 52332: Alkali class 1

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