Mica protective discs

Product specification: protective disc

Material: Muscovite natural mica, phlogopite natural mica

Mica quality grades, sizes and more information can be found in our info datasheet.

INFO Data Sheet Mica / Mica Protective Discs – (194.42 KB)

Original ACI mica discs can be used if the sight glass plates, for example made of borosilicate glass, are exposed to strong chemical stress.

Our mica discs are made of muscovite natural mica (clear quality) and have virtually no influence on the visibility of transparent sight glasses. Furthermore, mica discs increase the temperature resistance and service life of borosilicate sight glasses, for example.

Production and quality checks during the process guarantee the property values of the mica discs and the close dimensional tolerances. With these outstanding properties, mica discs can be used as an additional safety design, to sight glass plates, under extreme conditions.

Operating conditions:

Muscovit mica Phlogopit mica
Long-term thermal resistance: 500 °C 700 °C
Maximum permissible temperature with borosilicate glass: 320 °C 320 °C
Pressure: depending on the area of application

Technical information:

Muscovit mica Phlogopit mica
Coefficient of expansion: 90 x 10–7 (K–¹) 135 x 10–7 (K–¹)
Young's modulus: 180 x 10-³ (N/mm²) 170 x 10-³ (N/mm²)
Thermal conductivity: 0,25 ... 0,75 (W/(m·K)) ~ 1,7 (W/(m·K))

Other properties:

Muskovit Glimmer Phlogopit Glimmer
Radiation resistance: very good very good
Resistance to organic solvents: constant constant
Acid resistance: resistant (except hydrogen fluoride) resistant (except hydrogen fluoride)
Oil resistance: constant constant
Colour: reddish, green, colourless, brown amber, green
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