Sight glass seal made of novaphit MST with XP technology

High performance sight glass seal novaphit® MST

novaphit® MST stands for highest demands. The material combines high-purity graphite foils with several coordinated inserts. This structure creates unique mechanical properties with extremely low leakage values.

Brief description

The structure and quality of novaphit® MST offers optimal results and allows highest pressure and temperature stress - even under alternating load conditions. Due to the high quality and the design of the seal, it even withstands extreme pressure loads (internal pressure up to 250 bar).

novaphit® MST meets the strictest requirements with regard to the avoidance of fugitive emissions and is regarded as "high quality" in the sense of TA Luft. novaphit® MST's highest performance enables the manufacture of sealing joints in accordance with the strict criteria of TA Luft and VDI 2290. Needless to say, all the required sealing characteristics in accordance with DIN EN 13555 are available. Thus, practical and sensible designs according to DIN EN 1591-1 are possible without any problems.

novaphit® MST is equipped with XP technology as standard, i.e. it has increased oxidation resistance and optimum anti-halft properties as standard.

Technical data


Combination of graphite foils, expanded metal and smooth sheet metal inserts

Nominal size:



up to max. 550°C

Nominal pressure:

up to 250 bar


Optional versions are possible.


novaphit MST with XP technology is currently the high pressure seal material with the best pressure-temperature ratio on the market. It is a true outperformer in application. The multilayer structure consisting of a combination of graphite foils, expanded metal and smooth sheet metal inserts (up to eight graphite layers and seven inserts) achieves both the highest mechanical properties and the lowest leakage limit values.

The expanded graphite used, with a purity of at least 99.5%, has excellent oxidation resistance and therefore permits high application temperatures of up to 550 °C. The acid-resistant stainless steel inserts made of 1.4401 / AISI 316L complete the complex product structure, this allows installation at above-average surface pressures. Thus, an application at internal pressures of up to 250 bar is possible without hesitation.

novaphit MST also meets the strictest requirements in regard to the avoidance of fugitive emissions and is classified as "high quality" in the sense of TA Luft. Approvals for use with oxygen and "fire safe" tests predestine novaphit MST as an all-round solution for the entire process industry. The specifications of the German nuclear power plant industry are also met. At the same time, simple processing with tools or manual manufacturing processes ensures economical utilization of the sealing material.

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