Spraying device SV1 for sight glasses

The ACI SV1 spraying device is used for on-demand or continuous cleaning of glass plates in sightglass fittings. It is suitable for pressure or vacuum vessels in both explosive and non-explosive atmospheres.

Our spray devices are made of high quality stainless steel and are also suitable for use in the food industry.

The ACI spray device SV1 is particularly effective in combination with the ACI sight glass wiper type SGW.

Technical data


Connection piece 1.4571

Seals PTFE

Lock nut 1.4571

Nozzle head 1.4571

Nominal diameter:

on request



with pressure-tight screw connections through block and cover flange of the sight glass fitting.

Sectional view of the spraying device SV1 mounted in the ACI tank sight glass type 320
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