Safety valves

With us you receive safety valves in corner form as normal and full-stroke safety valve with TÜV certificate.

Please call us, we will provide you with the safety valves at short notice and will gladly provide you with a calculation data sheet to disposal. We also have overflow valves in our assortment.

Please note that we need the following information on the design:

  • the medium
  • the medium temperature
  • the dissipated mass flow
  • the pre and counter pressure
  • the set pressure

Under pressure they work at best: safety valves, in angular shape as normal safety valve and full-lift safety valve.

Safety valves protect pressurized areas or pressure tanks (e.g. steam boilers, pressure tanks, pipes, transport containers) against inadmissible pressure rise that could lead to impairment of the connected pressure device. Safety valves conduct away gases, vapours or liquids when response pressure is exceeded into the atmosphere or into blow-down systems. After that the valve closes again and the system can be further operated.

A safety valve has to be built-in in every closed system that is heated up. So for example in water heating systems, collector loops and in all directly or indirectly heated circuits. Safety valves are categorized with reference to their responsive performance as follows:

  • Proportional valves. The opening behavior between response pressure pset until full opening (1,1 pset) proportionally takes places according to pressure.
  • Full-lift safety valve open up immediately and with full lift.
  • Normal safety valves do not have special response behaviour.

Which valve is suitable for which application is decided by different criteria: the medium itself, temperature of medium, mass flow to be discharged, pre-pressure, counter pressure, response pressure etc.

We furnish safety valves in angular shape, normal safety valves and full-lift safety valves with TÜV (MOT) certificate and overflow valves. Get our consultation for complete systems, optimisation of systems and special solutions.

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