Rectangular level indicator with back bores

Short description: Level indicator with back bores

The ACI filling level indicator Type 400 is a robust sight glass holder for viewing panels made of borosilicate glass according to DIN 7081. The casing is almost completely closed, so that two small openings in the container wall are sufficient for connection, contrary to Type 330.

Type 400 is equipped with high-quality borosilicate glass according to DIN 7081 in the “reflex” or “transparent” types. For the “reflex” type it is possible to install a mica layer for additional protection of the glass surface against aggressive chemicals or high temperatures. The reflex variant has additional internal grooves that make the meniscus of the medium significantly more visible in the case of colourless or clear liquids

Should your operating conditions not be fulfilled even with the tried and tested borosilicate glass, it is possible to use high-performance glass based on quartz or sapphire for very high temperatures.

We can also adapt the steel or stainless-steel casing perfectly to your use. You can receive Type 400 in a range of types of steel and stainless steel. From container steel such as P265GH to high-quality stainless steel such as 1.4404 or 1.4571 and high-performance alloys such as Hastelloy, allowing us to meet virtually every demand on request.

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Technische Daten


Base and cover flanges made from:
1.4571 (F316 Ti); 1.4404 (316L), 1.4462 (318LN)

Srews and Nuts: A4-70

Gasket: C4400, Graphit PTFE or according to customer requirements

Glass: Reflection or transparent glass according to DIN 7081


rectangular longitudinal sight glass fitting for pressures up to max. 35 bar

Length from 140 to 1000 mm or according to customer requirements

Nenndruck: PN16 or PN40

for pressures up to max. 35 bar (depending on version)
(Vacuum version available on request)

With borosilicate glass DIN 7081 up to max. 243 ° C

With soda lime glass DIN 8903 up to max. 150 ° C

Seal selection:

PTFE (200°C)
FKM (200°C)
NBR (100°C)
C4400 (150°C)
Silikon (200°C)
EPDM (140°C)
Graphit (280°C)

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