Reflexion level gauge type 411 - PN16-40

Short description - Reflexion level sight glass with welding ends

The ACI filling level sight glass Type 411 is a sight glass holder especially for borosilicate glass panels according to DIN 7081. The fully enclosed casing is fitted with drainage plugs, as well as welded supports on the rear, and can be installed directly on your container wall.

The DIN 7081 borosilicate glass used is resistant to most acids and many other chemicals. If even this tried and tested industrial glass is not adequate for your requirements, it is possible instead to use high-performance glass based on quartz or sapphire.

The standard glass according to DIN 7081 is available in the “Reflex” and “Transparent” variants. The transparent viewing panels can be fitted additionally if required with a mica disc to protect the glass surface from increased wear due to aggressive media or high temperatures. For reflex viewing panels, it is not possible to fit a mica layer, but with a colourless, clear medium the internal grooves ensure a significantly more visible meniscus due to the different refraction between the fluid and gaseous phase and therefore a clearer reading of the liquid level.

Technical details


Base and top frame:
1.4571; 1.4404, 1.4462, RSt 37-2 / H II


depending on the application

Reflections -or- Transparent glass acc. to DIN 7081


Level Sight Glass Type 411- PN16-40- welding ends Ø 20 x 2,6 operating pressurre max. 35 bar

Nominal size:

170- 930 mm

Nominal pressure:

PN16 or PN40


Temperature: 100 ° C or 243 ° C
depending on the glass and seal selection.


Optional versions are possible.

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