Wafer type butterfly valve - PTFE - Series 22

The Series 22 PTFE High-Performance Wafer Type Butterfly Valve establishes standards for reliability and service life. It is suitable for corrosive and toxic media, acids and other special applications. Particularly noteworthy is the unique shaft seal, which is far superior to all conventional sealing methods. The high flow rate values (Kv) are achieved in particular by the streamlined design of the valve disc. The material selection of the Series 22 PTFE butterfly valve is diverse, from PTFE and stainless steel to UHMWPE and special materials - suitable for the respective customer requirements.

Technical data


Body: Spheroidal graphite iron, cast steel, stainless steel

Disk: Stainless steel, PTFE/stainless steel, UHMWPE/stainless steel, UHMWPE/sphere cast iron, Hastelloy, titanium, PFA/stainless steel

Cuff: PTFE, conductive PTFE, UHMWPE


Soft-sealing butterfly valve for installation between flanges according to DIN.

Nominal size:

DN50 - DN600

Nominal pressure:

Max. 10 bar


-18°C up to 200°C


Optional versions are possible.

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