Butterfly valve Type 22.012

Maintenance-free soft-seated wafer butterfly valve with centring eyes, face-to-face length (DIN 3202 T3, series K1) DIN EN 558-1, basic series 20, body made of cast iron EN-JS1030 (short designation: EN-GJS-400-15, eh. GGG-40), with primer coat, EPDM, NBR or VITON sealing collar, from -10 °C to + 130 °C, (depending on gasket selection) disc made of stainless steel 1.4581 for shut-off and throttling, double sealing of the damper shaft with profile ring and dew point lock, centric disc bearing, fully isolatable according to energy saving regulation - EnEV, CE certification according to pressure equipment directive for fluids of groups 1 and 2. With drilled shaft for optional temperature measurement with THEA (THErmo display).

max. differential pressure: 16 bar until DN200 , from DN200 max. 10 bar

Nominal pressure: PN 6 / 10 / 16

Nominal size: DN25-DN600

actuation: Locking lever , worm gear or actuator

Technical data


Body: Spheroidal graphite iron GGG 40; EN-JS1030 (0.7040)

Disk: Stainless steel 1.4581 (alternative: disk made of EN-JS1030 with zinc flake coating)

Cuff: Optionally EPDM, NBR or FPM Viton


EPDM -10º C up to +130º C
NBR -10º C up to +80º C
FPM Viton -10º C up to +150º C; (FPM Viton: not suitable for hot water)


Wafer type butterfly valve type ZESA for installation between flanges according to DIN.

Nominal size:

DN25 - DN500

DN25 up to DN200 Operation with ratchet lever (on request also with gear, electric actuator etc.)

DN250 to DN 500 operation with worm gear (on request also with electric actuator; pneumatic actuator, etc.)

Nominal pressure:

PN6 - PN16


With DIN DVGW registration DW-6201BR0244, according to DIN EN 1074-1/-2 including disinfection test, DVGW VP646 and DVGW W270 for drinking water. (In the variant EPDM collar and stainless steel washer 1.4581)

Also available in seawater version.


  • Fine adjustment and locking device
  • Worm gear and position indicator
  • electric actuator with position indicator, 230V 50 Hz or 400V 50 Hz 3~
  • pneumatic part-turn actuator, single-acting or double-acting
  • THEA = THErmo display -20°C to +40°C or 0°C to 120°C
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