Butterfly valve Type 22.013 for drinking water

Maintenance-free, soft-sealing, threaded flanged butterfly valve with cast-on threaded eyes with continuous thread, overall length (DIN 3202 T3, series K1), DIN EN 558-1, basic series 20, cast-iron body EN-JS1030 (abbreviation: EN-GJS-400-15, eh. GGG-40), with primer coat, disc made of stainless steel 1.4581, operating temperature from -10 degrees C to +130 degrees C, with EPDM sealing collar, for shut-off and throttling, double sealing of the damper stem w. Profile ring and dew point lock, centric disc bearing, fully isolatable according to energy saving regulation - EnEV, CE certification according to pressure equipment directive for fluids of groups 1 and 2. Approved as end flap and for one-sided flanging. With drilled stem for optional temperature measurement with THEA (THErmo display). DVGW registration for drinking water DW-6201BR0244 according to DIN EN 1074-1/-2 including disinfection test DVGW VP646 and DVGW W270

  • max. differential pressure: 16 bar up to DN200 , from DN200 max. 10 bar
  • Nominal pressure: PN 6 / 10 / 16
  • Nominal size: DN25 - DN600
  • Operation: Locking lever , worm gear or actuator


for drinking water, potable water

Technical Data


Body: GGG-40 (EN-JS1030)

Disk: stainless steel 1.4581

Cuff: EPDM with DIN DVGW registration DW 6201BR0244, according to DIN EN 1074-1 / -2 including disinfection test, DVGW VP646 and DVGW W270 for potable water.


EPDM -10º C up to +130º C


Maintenance-free, soft-sealing, threaded flanged butterfly valve

Nominal size:

DN25 - DN500

Nominal pressure:

PN10 / 16


  • Worm gear and position indicator
  • Electric drive with position indicator, 230V 50 Hz or 400V 50 Hz 3 ~
  • Pneumatic rotary actuator, single acting or double acting
  • THEA = Thermal display -20 ° C to + 40 ° C or 0 ° C to 120 ° C
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