Globe valves Type BOA-H - PN25 - GGG 40.3

The BOA-H globe valve made of EN-GJS-400-LT-18 / JS 1025 (formerly GGG40.3) cast iron with bellows seal is completely maintenance-free and suitable for use in industrial, building and power plant applications. It is ideal for permanent use and achieves very good flow rates with a good throttling function. It is available in nominal sizes DN15 to DN150. The nominal pressure is PN25, the pressure and temperature assignment according to EN1092 must be observed. The bellows in the shut-off valve type BOA-H is chambered when the valve is fully open and thus protected against pressure surges. This ensures maximum safety even at high pressure peaks.


  • Hot water heating systems
  • Boiler water heating systems
  • Heat transfer units
  • Other media on request

Technical Data


Housing made of ductile iron EN-GJS-400-LT-18 (JS 1025)


shut of valve in straight type series booklet 7150.1
standard with position indicator, stroke limiter and locking device

Nominal size:

DN15 bis DN150

Nominal pressure:

PN 25


from -10°C up to +350°C


Optional versions are possible.

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