Flow Sight glass fittings are suitable for visual inspection of the throughflow and flow in pipelines and vessels. Our flow sight glass fittings allow fast and reliable monitoring of the function and performance of individual devices and entire systems. Thermal processes may also be observed through the sight glass.

ACI Industriearmaturen supplies flow sight glasses in all possible designs and materials. Our flow sight glasses are available in grey cast iron, cast steel or stainless steel as standard, while special materials such as Hastelloy 2.4605 are also possible. For the chemical industry we also offer plastic flow sight glasses. The housings vary depending on the design and are either made of cast iron, solid material (mostly stainless steel) or welded. Possible connection variants for the different types of sightglasses are DIN or ANSI flanges, internal thread connection (BSP and NPT), welding ends or welding sleeves. In addition to these connections, we are able to manufacture fittings with test connections, cleaning connections or with optional accessories such as lights (also Ex lights), stainless steel windscreen wipers, stainless steel spraying devices, PTFE rotor and heating jacket.

The overall lengths vary depending on the design and nominal size (DN). As far as possible, they are in accordance with DIN or ANSI construction lengths and with materials in accordance with EN or ASME standards.

Depending on the design, the possible pressure stages (PN) reach from vacuum to high pressure versions. However, the usual nominal pressure ratings are PN 6, PN 16, PN 25 and PN 40. The high-pressure versions are available with flange connection from PN 63 to PN 400 and with welding ends up to 500 bar in some cases.

Depending on the operating pressure and temperature, we use technical glass such as soda lime glass according to DIN 8902, hardened borosilicate glass according to DIN 7080 or similar to DIN 7080, unhardened borosilicate glass, quartz glass or sapphire glass. The glass type depends on the medium and temperature of the application and can range from -200°C up to +2000°C. Most of the sight glasses we sell are made of 1.4571 (316Ti) grade stainless steel, covering a wide range of temperatures and media. The right choice of seal is determined by pressure and temperature. We decide whether O-ring seals for vacuum, seals according to DIN 11851 or flat seals according to your specifications and operating conditions. For further information please refer to our website or contact us.

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