Flow sight glass with sealing in the force shunt type 580

Safety flow sight glass with sealing in force shunt according to DIN 28121

The ACI flow sight glass with sealing in the force shunt Type 580 is a flow sight glass with flange connection and PTFE-sheathed corrugated ring seal.

The sight glasses consist of safety borosilicate glass according to DIN 7080 and are sealed with a PTFE-coated corrugated ring seal according to DIN 28121.

Due to the completely closed glass frame, the sight glass pane is best possible protected laterally against damage. Like our tank sight glass type 321, the type 580 can be equipped with additional cleaning equipment such as wipers or spraying devices. Luminaires based on halogen or LED light sources with and without ATEX approval are also available ex works.

As additional protection against heat or alkaline media, the installation of a mica disc is also possible with our flow sight glass type 580.

For temperatures outside the approved operating range of up to 200°C of the PTFE-encapsulated corrugated ring seal, we also supply Type 580 on request with a graphite composite seal instead, in order to make full use of the maximum operating temperature of 280°C for the glass pane. For even higher temperatures, quartz glass viewing windows are also available at an extra charge.

The housing of the flow sight glass type 580 can be manufactured according to your requirements from a variety of steel and stainless steel alloys with pressure equipment approval such as P265GH or 1.4571. Special materials such as Hastelloy are also available on request.

Read on for more technical information and detailed product views!

Technical details


Body made of 1.4571, 1.4539, 1.4404 or P235GH and many more.

Glass plates of borosilicate glass DIN7080 or METAGLAS

PTFE enveloped corrugated ring system


straight form with sealing in the force shunt

Nominal size:


Nominal pressure:

PN 10 / 16 / 25


max. 200°C


Optional versions are possible.

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Flow sight glass fitting type 580