MAXOS® Safety Sight Glasses DIN 7081

MAXOS® Safety Sight Glasses DIN 7081 made of borosilicateglass


MAXOS® safety sight and level gauge glasses have proved themselves universally
where visual process control is essential. This includes pressure vessels subjected
to thermal and chemical loads and liquid level gauge applications.
A high safety level is secured through the use of special borosilicate glass of high
chemical durability, exceptional purity and homogeneity. The low thermal expansion
of our SUPRAX® 8488 borosilicate glass, combined with thermal prestressing
(tempering) creates a high resistance to sudden temperature changes.

Technical details


Borosilicate to DIN 7081


Long Oval - Transparent glass
Long oval - reflective glass

Nominal size:

Dimensions see data sheet.


Optional versions are possible.


Reflective glass max. 243 ° C

Transparent glass max. 243 ° C

Transparent glass with mica windshield max. 320 ° C

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