Tank sight glasses are all sight glasses which are screwed, welded or welded onto a tank. The sight glasses are used to observe filling levels and processes in tanks. There are tank sight glasses in many different variants. We mainly distinguish between sightglasses for level indication and those for monitoring processes inside the vessel.

Level indicators are classic indicators for tanks. These types of tank sight glasses are used for fast, easy and safe reading of levels in tanks and silos such as water tanks, oil tanks, steam boilers, grain silos, granulate silos and many more. All of them are equipped with either a sight glass made of borosilicate glass, soda lime glass or PMMA sight glass. For particularly high temperatures, there are also versions with quartz glass or sapphire glass. The technical glasses and seals are selected according to the medium and temperature.

Circular sight glass fittings to DIN 28120 (ACI type 320) are particularly suitable for observing processes in pressure vessels. According to DIN 28120 they are available with a free view of 225 mm and a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar at 280°C. Tank sight glasses type 320 are either welded onto or into the tank wall. Since there are many different applications, however, which do not have such high demands on pressure or temperature, ACI also offers more favourable variants based on DIN 28120. For example, we offer Type 317 for pressureless observation or Type 318 for low pressures up to max. 2.5 bar operating pressure.

However, there are also circular sight glass according to DIN 28121 (ACI type 321) with a sealing in the force shunt. The advantage of this sight glass is that it can be screwed directly onto an existing flange according to EN 1092-1 Type 11. The tank sight glass type 321 according to DIN 28121 is available as PN 10 or PN 25 variant according to standard and may be operated up to a maximum of 200°C. The sight glass can be used as a sight glass for the measurement of the temperature of the tank. However, since there are many applications with higher pressures, we have developed sight glasses similar to DIN or based on the standard for higher pressures (type 322) or higher temperatures (type 323). If both are required, high pressures and temperatures, our Type 326 can be used.

There are also fittings for welding according to DIN 11851 which are mainly used in the food industry.

We supply all fittings in sizes according to standard. However, as a manufacturer we also have a large number of different sizes in our product range. Also accessories for sight glasses such as lighting in various designs or cleaning mechanisms belong to our product range.

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