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Circular Sight Glass Fittings DIN28120 - Type 320 - PN10/16

Short description - Tank Sight Glasses Type 320 according to DIN 28120

The ACI Tank Sight Glass Type 320 is a round tank sight glass to be welded on or into the wall of a pressure vessel. Type 320 is manufactured in full accordance with the construction rules of DIN 28120 and suitable for an operating pressure of PN10 or PN16.

Due to DIN conformity Type 320 can easily be installed as a spare part for existing fittings complying with DIN 28120. Our tank sight glass fulfils all standard conditions including vacuum compatibility and an operating pressure of up to 16 bar. Operating temperatures of up to 280°C are well within range of type 320. If a mica protection sheet is added, safe Operation at up to 300°C is possible! Of course, you can order matching mica sheets directly with your sight glass!


Expaning upon the definitions of DIN 28120, we can offer Type 320 with special sizing of DN250 and larger, as well as high temperature compatible quartz windows and of course matching gaskets. Although these variants are not listed in the standard documents, design and manufacturing closely follows the regulations provided in DIN 28120 and DIN 7080, so the stated operating conditions can be completely relied upon.

As for all our round tank sight glasses, our type 320 is optionally available with spray nozzles SVI, wipers of type SWI or type SWII (with flexible shaft) or light fixtures with LED or Halogen lights.

You can find additional technical data, detailed descriptions and contact information further down on this page!

Technical details


Base flange and cover flange:
RSt 37-2, H II, C 22.8, P250GH, P265GH, 1.4306 (F304L), 1.4404 (F316L), 1.4462 Duplex (F51), 14539 (Alloy 904 L), 1.4541 (F321) , 1.4571 (F316Ti) or according to customer specifications

Sight glass:
borosilicate glass acc. to DIN 7080
Soda-lime glass acc. to DIN 8902

Seal: Klingersil or as desired

Screws: A4-70


according to DIN 28120

Nominal size:

DN25 - DN250

Nominal pressure:

PN 10/16
(Depending on size and material composition)


With soda lime glass up to max. 150 ° C

With borosilicate glass up to max. 280 ° C

With borosilicate & mica shield up to 320 ° C

Higher operating temperatures on request


Optional versions are possible.

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Type 320- PN 10/16 | tank sight glass