Screwed Sight Glass Type 327 DIN 11851 / EN 10357

Screwed Sight Glass DIN 11851 /EN 10357 for welding into or onto vessel wall complete with glass disc, gaskets and slotted cover nut


Screwed Sight Glasses are used for observation of processes inside Boilers, Vessels and Pipes. They are often employed in food service, dairy, breweries and pharmaceutical applications. Due to the high temperature tolerance sterilization is possible.

Short description - Screwed Sight Glass DIN 11851 /EN 10357

The ACI screw-on sight glass Type 3227 is built based on EN 10357 (previously DIN 11851) specifically for food processing, medical applications and other industries with high hygiene requirements.

The base flange of Type 327 is welded onto an open pipe end according to DIN 11850 or EN 10357 and forms a strong, leak-proof connection to the main installation. The borosilicate disc according to DIN 7080 is sealed on the process side using a special ring seal designed for dairy connections. This seal is available made from PTFE, NBR or FKM. A threaded cover nut provides the necessary force.

Replacing parts is easily possible at any time with minimal downtime and with no need for special tools. Our sales team will assist you in case of problems.

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Technical details


Welded end:
WN 1.4404 or 1.4301

WN 1.4404 or 1.4301

Glass plate:
borosilicate glass (220 ° C max.)
Soda-lime glass (150 ° C max.)

aramid / PTFE

NBR / Silicone / Viton / EPDM / PTFE Enveloped


similar DIN 11851

Nominal size:


Nominal pressure:

Operating pressure: max. 6 bar
Vacuum: max. 1 Torr


Temperature: max. 220 ° C.

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