Circular Sight Glass Fittings Type 319 - PN 6 similar DIN 28120

Short description - Tank Sight Glasses Type 319 similar to DIN 28120

The ACI Tank sight glass Type 319 is, like our Type 320, designed based on the established construction rules of DIN 28120. Contrary to our fully standard compliant Type 320, Type 319 uses a thinner, and thus less expensive, glass disc, satisfying the requirements for PN6. Type 319 allows you to save cost on your installation without sacrificing reliability!

As you know from our tank sight glass product range, Type 320 can be equipped with wipers, spray nozzles or light fixtures, all of which is available directly from us!

By using high quality gasket and flange materials specifically selected for your application, we ensure a long life of your sight glass fitting while taking full advantage of the glass disc’s temperature range as defined in DIN 7080. If even this high performance glass is not compatible with your process, Type 319 can be equipped with a mica disc to allow safe operation in alkaline environments and temperatures up to 300°C.

Of our usual selection of aramid fibre, graphite, PTFE, NBR or EPDM gaskets does not fulfil your requirements, we will work with you to find special materials perfectly suited for your case

Read on to learn more technical details and in-depth information about our round tank sight glass type 319!

Technical details


Base flange and cover flange:
P265GH, 1.4306 (F304L), 1.4404 (F316L), 1.4462 Duplex (F51), 14539 (Alloy 904 L), 1.4541 (F321) , 1.4571 (F316Ti) or according to customer specifications

Sight glass:
borosilicate glass acc. to DIN 7080
Soda-lime glass acc. to DIN 8902

Seal: Klingersil or as desired

Screws: A4-70


similar to DIN28120 but PN6

Nominal size:

DN50 - DN200

Nominal pressure:

up to 6 bar


With borosilicate glass up to max. 280 ° C
With soda lime glass to max. 150 ° C

Take advantage of our 360 degree 3D view for a perfect all-round view of our product.

Take a look at the animation video, here you can see the structure of our tank sight glass type 319 perfectly.

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