Technical sight glasses

We supply technical glasses such as transparent glasses according to DIN 7080, DIN7081, DIN 8902, DIN 8903, glass tubes, glass cylinders, ceramic glasses, metal fused safety glasses, high-temperature glasses and Plexiglas / acrylic glass. Our product range in terms of DIN and special sight glasses for an effective look Borosilicate glass is a highly durable glass, which is therefore often used in both the chemical and in general in the industry. Because there it can be exposed to chemicals and sometimes highly fluctuating temperatures. The same applies to quartz glass, which also has a low thermal expansion coefficient. It is also attacked by only a few acids and can withstand temperatures of up to 1400 ° C.

ACI Industriearmaturen supplies you with borosilicate glass according to DIN 7080 and 7081 MAXOS®, also in special versions made of Borofloat glass® and Suprax® glass (Schott group). Soda lime glass (pressed hard glass) according to DIN 8902 and 8903, quartz u. Sapphire crystal also for the optical sector, ROBAX® glass ceramic, laminated safety glass (VSG) as safety glass or for customer-specific application etc. - we optimize your system with the highest quality fittings. Look around our pages and contact us for a qualified consultation. Do not hesitate in special solutions!