Glass tube made of borosilicate glass

Glass tube and glass cylinder made of borosilicate glass

ACI not only supplies replacement glass cylinders and tubes for its own tubes - sight glasses and level gauges, but also glass tubes, glass cylinders and sections made of DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3 as well as SIMAX® glass tubes.

Borosilicate glass 3.3 is resistant to water, neutral media, acidic media, strong acids and their mixtures as well as chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic substances. Borosilicate glass also lasts at longer service lives and temperatures above 100 °C and exceeds many metals and other materials in its resistance. But borosilicate glass also has its limits and is not resistant to hydrofluoric acid, concentrated phosphoric acid and strong alkalis, especially at high temperatures (>100 °C) "glass corrosion" occurs, the glass surface abrades.

Temperature resistances for technical glasses / glass tubes and cylinders:

Borosilicate glass / DURAN® glass is permissible for operating temperatures of up to 500°C. From 525°C the glass begins to lose its stability. For the DURAN® glass tubes supplied by us, we limit their use to -70°C at minus temperatures. The maximum temperature change resistance is 100 K.

Technical glass / glass tubes and cylinders made of them have the following chemical resistance:

  • Water resistance class (DIN ISO 719) - Class 1
  • Acid class (DIN 12 116) - Class 1
  • Alkali class (DIN ISO 695) - Class 2

Machining of DURAN® or SIMAX® borosilicate glass tube 3.3

Tube cuts / cutting to length:

Using modern cutting technology, the glass tubes are cut using diamond saws. The length can range from a few millimetres up to 1500 mm. As a result of the sawing process, the end faces of the tube section are matt and, to a certain extent, sharp-edged. Alternatively, thermal cutting of the glass tube is also used, here the end faces of the tube sections are blank and definitely sharp-edged. We can then process the edges and end faces for you as required. These can be finely ground or fused. The outer edges as well as the inner edges can be chamfered / deburred. By fusing the cut edges, the glass tube then regains the typical shine of a glass surface.

Pipe Dimensions

Glass tubes made of DURAN® or SIMAX® are supplied as standard up to a length of 1500 mm. The diameters start at 3 mm and go up to 465 mm.

It is also possible to assemble glass tubes. Depending on the application, we can also assemble glass tubes for you so that we can supply glass tubes made of DURAN® or SIMAX® of up to 3000 mm length and more.

If you require high-precision glass, we have the option of using specially calibrated glass tubes.

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Technical data


Borosilicate glass 3.3; DURAN® ; SIMAX®



Nominal size:

Ø 3 mm to Ø 465 mm

Nominal pressure:

use our glass consultant or contact us for further information.


Optional versions are possible.

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