Mica sheets

We only deliver Muscovite-natural mica of high quality for application in steam systems and condensate systems.

We deliver high quality Muskovite - natural mica discs for various applications. Muscovite Mica is a clear transparent mineral with extraordinary properties. Mica (potash mica, muscovite, ruby) is extracted in mines and has to be extracted from ever deeper tunnels. The main mining areas are in India, Africa, America and in very small quantities in Europe. Mica is an excellent fissionable material that can be dismantled into very thin mica plates down to the µm range. Mica is temperature resistant up to a constant high temperature of 500°C and has a melting point of about 1200°C to 1300°C. In addition, mica is resistant to almost all media such as bases, alkalis or acids. Mica protective panes protect glass against high pressures, temperatures and the associated erosion of the surface, thus increasing the service life and maintenance intervals of your sightglass fittings. But mica discs also have their limits. For extreme applications with high PH-values in which even mica reaches its limits, we can also offer you protective discs made of FEP, PCTFE or similar materials. Our mica discs are made of Muskovite natural mica (clear quality) and have virtually no influence on the view of your production process. In addition, mica discs significantly increase the temperature resistance and service life of your transparent sight glasses.

Mica discs are also used in the electrical industry, the paint industry and other industrial applications. However, we only supply mica panes for use as glass protection or as individual panes for level indicators, for example. We would also like to mention that there are also other types of mica such as phlogopite mica (also called magnesia mica or amberg mica). However, this is not interesting for us because of its optical properties just like the Biotit mica.

The different mica qualities and their classification into quality classes requires a lot of experience and is carried out according to international standards. The classification includes criteria such as colour, transparency, mineral stains, air inclusions and much more.

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