Flange Data Tool ACCORDING TO DIN EN1092-1

Our data tool will help you to check and select the right flanges.
Here is a quick overview of the dimensions according to DIN EN 1092-1 for the following types at a glance.

  • Welding neck flanges type 11
  • Hubbed slip-on flange for weldin Type 12
  • Thread flanges type 13
  • Blind flanges type 05
  • Welding Flat Flanges type 01
  • Lap Joint Flanges type 02
  • Lap Joint Flanges type 04

Dimensions in mm

Outer diameter [AD]:
Blade thickness (Type 11/12/13) [T]:
Blade thickness (Type 05) [T]:
Blade thickness (Type 01/02/04) [T]:
Screw hole circle [LK]:
Number of holes:
Hole diameter [B]:
Pipe diameter [RD]:
Pipe wall thickness [WD]:
Sealing surface [VD1]:
Sealing surface height [FD1]:
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