Transmittance calculator for Quarz Glass

In physics, transmittance describes the property of a body or substance to transmit electromagnetic waves in the form of light, i.e. in general terms - the transmission of light.

This property is measured with the transmittance, which quantifies the inverse ratio of the radiant power incident on a substance to the radiant power transmitted through it. In other words, it describes the proportion of transmitted to incident light.

The material glass, especially quartz glass, has a high transmittance due to its transparency and purity. The transmittance can be influenced and adapted to customer-specific requirements through different manufacturing and processing methods (e.g. polishing, anti-reflective coatings).

In order to help our customers with the design of their quartz glasses, we have developed this transmission calculator which can be used free of charge.

Please note that the values given are based on a conversion of the raw data of a test specimen (natural quartz) & the actual values may deviate. All data without guarantee.

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