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High-temperature sight glass type 326

We were asked to design and manufacture four type 326 high-temperature sight glasses for a new customer in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. Our customer had clear requirements that were absolutely necessary. The aim was to enable visual process observation on an existing container.

For this purpose, the interface of an existing mounting flange according to DIN EN 1092-1 type 11 form B1 in the nominal width DN 80 was to be used. The special feature of this project was the required design in the high-temperature range, the prevailing operating temperature being +800°C. The flange was to be used for the process monitoring.

The operating medium we were dealing with was hot exhaust air, which, however, moves in the unpressurised range during the running process. However, such high operating temperatures place certain demands on the fitting, so the selection of suitable materials is crucial for the implementation and success of the project. After receiving the enquiry, our proven tank sight glass type 326 came into question for us.

Nominal width: DN80
Nominal pressure: pressureless
Flange material: Heat resistant stainless steel
Process connection: DIN EN 1092-1 Form B1
Working pressure: 0 bar(g) 
Working temperature: 800°C
Process medium: Exhaust air

This tank sight glass for screwing onto an existing support flange according to DIN EN 1092-1 provides the necessary performance. Our design department immediately took on this project and matched the materials of the flanges, sight glass plates, screws and gaskets to the required operating parameters. Although this is a non-pressurised application, we designed the tank sight glass to be compliant with DGRL 2014/68/EU. When selecting suitable materials, we also paid attention to the material approvals according to the AD2000 material data sheets.

We were able to create the interface to the container with the heat-resistant material. In order to make process observation possible, we had to resort to proven sight glass plates made of natural quartz glass. Quartz glass is particularly known for its high temperature resistance. The quartz glass used by ACI Industrial fittings GmbH can withstand a permanent temperature load of +1000°C. Another important aspect is the sealing, for which only a mica-based gasket came into question. In order to finally meet the enormous requirements, the screw connection of the individual components also had to be considered. We therefore relied on special screws produced by machining.

After successful design, preparation of a quotation and clarification of all technical details, we received the order from our customer. We were thus allowed to send four tank sight glasses of type 326 in the nominal width DN 80 on their journey to our customer.

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