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News High pressure sight glass Type 520A

Special design high pressure flow sight glass Type 520A

We received an enquiry via our contact form from a listed existing client in the oil and gas extraction sector. The key data of the enquiry were very challenging. High operating pressures with large nominal diameters, this enquiry had aroused our ambition. The requirement profile for the desired high-pressure flow sight glass was very clearly defined.

The versatility of the process media used is related to the fact that the fitting is used for testing purposes in a technology and research centre. Constantly changing situations with regard to the test operation give an idea of the harsh environment in which the flow sight glass will be used.

We immediately got to work and consulted internally with our design department. We wanted to build on existing products and decided to adapt our Type 520A as a basic model to the specified requirements. To enable the desired process observation, we used proven borosilicate glass, which was manufactured in accordance with the existing DIN 7080. In order to obtain additional performance for the pressure stability of the glasses, we used 2 additional mica discs on the media side in each case. The tightness between the glass support flange and the outer atmosphere was ensured by means of a special seal.

In such a development process, a classification of the pressure-bearing equipment parts according to PED 2014/68/EU is carried out at the beginning. As a recognised manufacturer, we are authorised by our certification to place pressure-bearing equipment parts, up to module H, on the market. In this customer-specific project, however, the high-pressure flow sight glass type 520A was classified according to category IV, module G. In such cases, the certificate of conformity and the associated acceptance may only be issued by a so-called notified body. In this case, we carried out the testing and acceptance with Lloyd's Register Deutschland GmbH.

NPS (Nominal Pipe Size): 6“
Pressure Rating: Class 1500
Sealing surface: RTJ (Ring Type Joint)
Body and flange material: 1.4571 (F316Ti)
Process connection: Flanges according to EN 1759-1 (flanges designated according to Class) suitable for flange connection according to ASME B16.5
Design pressure: 250 bar(g)
Operating pressure: 150 bar(g)
Design temperature: -60°C to +60°C
Operating temperature: -46°C to +60°C
Process media: Seawater, CO2, mineral oil, natural gas and rich gas

After successful design, development, production and final assembly at our company, the all-important pressure test was due. Here, too, the customer's specifications deviated from the usual standard DIN EN 12266-1, the required holding time was 60 min. pressure creep strength with the test medium water at room temperature. We carried out the leak test on our in-house high-pressure test stand. This is capable of generating a test pressure of up to 1000 bar. In the end, the pressure test more than fulfilled all requirements. The high-pressure flow sight glass type 520A was able to hold the test pressure for 72 hours without any problems. No leakages were detected.

Once again, the ACI team has proven that it is a strong partner for special requirements!

Finally, our Type 520A safely made the journey to Northern Europe and was put into operation as intended.

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