Sound engineering practice - What is meant by this?

„Sound engineering practice“ means that this pressure equipment has been designed taking into account all relevant factors affecting its safety. In addition, the equipment is so manufactured, inspected and supplied with instructions for use that, when used under foreseeable or reasonably foreseeable conditions, its safety is assured during its intended life.

The manufacturer is responsible for compliance with good engineering practice.

When placing on the market pressure equipment or assemblies of several pressure equipment connected by a manufacturer to form a coherent functional unit , covered by Article 4 (3) (good engineering practice), what information should be supplied to indicate that it complies with the provisions of Article 4 (3)?

There is no specific provision in the Directive on how the manufacturer must indicate that this equipment is in conformity with the PED.

However, the manufacturer must include sufficient instructions for use and affix a marking enabling the manufacturer or his authorised representative established within the Community to be identified.
Manufacturers should be aware that it is likely to be helpful if they accompany the product with a reference to the PED indicating that the requirements of good engineering practice in force in a Member State have been met.

This can be realised, for example, by a statement included in the operating instructions or by a separate document attached to the equipment or by an addition to the marking.

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