Throttle valve type FINJA

FINJA has been designed as a flanged flap in the DIN and ANSI range. It is regarded as the "big sister" of our RIA clamping valve and is no less durable, robust and safe. FINJA will reliably fulfil the specifications you specify thanks to an adapted material combination and expansion stage. Like all our butterfly valves, FINJA can be "automated" by us with all common drive systems on the market, including suitable accessories.

Overview of other advantages of FINJA:

  • Tightness class I, II, III according to FCI 70-2 1976(R1982) or better.
  • Optimized for dust-laden media in tightness class I.
  • Flange fitting for clamping between flanges according to DIN or ANSI.
  • DIN EN 1092-1 PN-6 PN-10 PN-16
  • ANSI 150 lbs 300 lbs 400 lbs.
  • DN 40 to DN 2000 (Please ask separately for other sizes).
  • For flue gas, exhaust gas and air - operating temperature up to 1050°C.
  • Low torque due to "smooth running packing".
  • Integrated ISO 5211 interfaces.
  • Conversion kit for easy, subsequent automation of FINJA available from us.
  • Corrosion protection already in the standard version.
  • Operation by hand lever, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic
  • 100% tight against atmosphere

You can use our FINJA as industrial valve, flue gas damper, high temperature damper, control damper and of course as air damper. In the "with sealing insert" version, FINJA also fulfils the function of a shut-off damper with a paint layer of 0.05% of Kv 90°.

Technical Data


Possible combinations of materials: cast iron, steel, stainless steel,


Operating temperature up to 1050 ° C.

Nominal size:

DN 40 to DN 2000 (Please ask us for other sizes)

Nominal pressure:

PN6 / PN10 / PN16
ANSI 150 lbs | 300 lbs | 400 lbs.


Optional versions are possible.

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