Gate valves are classic shut-off valves that are operated manually, pneumatically or electrically. It can be found in many different fields of application. Whether for the safe shut-off of water, waste water, gas pipes or as bulk material shut-off valves - the precision and design of the valve determines the quality and service life. There are different types of gate valves such as our wedge flat gate valves, wedge oval gate valves and wedge round gate valves with flange connection according to DIN EN, welding ends or sleeves in DIN or ANSI design. The gate valves are available in nominal sizes DN40 to DN2000, depending on type and design.

Gate valves open or close the flow completely. This is referred to as full passage. Gate valves are not shut-off valves, i.e. they do not regulate the flow, they stop it. This allows, for example, maintenance or repair work to be carried out directly behind the valves. The body materials cast iron GG-25 / EN-GJL 250, ductile cast iron spheroidal graphite cast iron GGG40 / EN-GJS-400-15 or stainless steel provide the gate valves with various advantages for a wide range of industrial applications, such as in water or gas pipes as well as in the chemical industry. Depending on the application, it is important to select soft-seated gate valves and metal-seated gate valves. The type of spindle (external or internal spindle), the medium, the nominal pressure (PN) and the operating temperature must also be taken into account when selecting gate valves. A further factor for the gate valves is the installation, the installation position of the actuators needs to be carefully considered. For example, the length of the spindle must always considered when installing the valve in the ground.

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