Wedge gate valves Type A-KFI 210 - PN10- GG25


The ACI short pattern wedge gate valves series A-KFI-210 are exclusively stop valves, not suitable for control operation. They are equipped with an internal, non-rising stem.

Our short pattern wedge gate valves type A-KFI-210 are available in nominal sizes from DN 40 to DN 2000.

Manufacturing and design of the gate valves are performed according to DIN 3352, respectively the new DIN EN 1171. Face to face dimensions of the short pattern wedge gate valves are defined in the industrial standard EN 558-1 Series 14 (previously DIN 3202-F4).

Possible applications include liquid or gaseous non-corrosive and non-abrasive media. The gate valves are suitable for an operating pressure of up to 10 bar, depending on the operating temperature, which is limited to 120°C.

Our short pattern wedge gate valves are tested for pressure resilience and leakage according to DIN EN 12266 / 1074. Due to their design, they are suitable for both flow directions.In accordance to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, the gate valves undergo a pressure and leakage test according to EN 1074 and EN 12266 using water at room temperature. The valve body is tested using 1.5-fold nominal pressure, the valve seal 1.1-fold nominal pressure.

The body of the gate valve is made in grey cast iron GG-25 (new: EN-GJL 250). Other materials like spheroidal cast iron GGG40 / EN-GJS-400-15 are available on request. The seat rings of body and wedge are made of brass. Default stem material is stainless steel 1.4021 / X20Cr13. The stem is sealed by a gland seal, which needs to be checked and re-adjusted after initial operation and during maintenance services. Alternatively, for maintenance-free operation, the stem can be sealed using O-rings. Both O-rings and gland seal are made from NBR or EPDM.

Grey cast iron gate valves are only available with flanged connections, by default according to DIN EN 1092-1 PN10, and sealing faces type B1. On request, our wedge gate valves can be delivered with flanges drilled according to PN6.

Alternatively, the connection flanges can be manufactured according to a different standard, like ASME B16.5, JIS or others. Please contact our sales team for those requests.

Generally, ACI gate valves of the A-KFI series are operated manually using a handwheel, quick closing lever, gearbox or chain wheel. On request, we automate the gate valve for you using electrical actuators (with or without control system), pneumatic or hydraulic actuator. If the gate valve position needs to be controlled, we can install mechanical or inductive limit switches, allowing positional feedback to the main control panel.

Available options:

  • Special materials
  • Special corrosion protection (i.e. for underground installation)
  • Machined wedge guide
  • Drain plug
  • Vent plug
  • Installation accessories and stem extension

Technical Data


Body: GG-25 / GJL-250
Seats: Brass / Brass
stem: 1.4021 / F6


Wedge gate valve PN 10
DIN 3352-2C
Face to Face dimension: EN 558-1 Gr. 14

Nominal size:

DN40 - DN2000

Nominal pressure:



max. +120°C


Optional versions are available.

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