Shut-off valves, in contrast to gate valves or ball valves, allow controlled shut-off or closing of the pipeline as well as continuous control of the flow rate when corresponding globe valves are used. Shut-off valves are classic shut-off valves that can be operated manually by hand wheel or automated pneumatically or electrically. By selecting the appropriate body materials such as grey cast iron GG-25 (EN-GJL 250), ductile cast iron spheroidal graphite iron (GGG40 / EN-GJS-400-15), cast steel Gp240GH (GS-C 25/ 1.0619) or cast stainless steel 1.440 and the corresponding valve plug variants, these globe valves are also suitable for high differential pressures, pressure surges and high temperatures, depending on the selection of materials. Due to the different type of valve stem sealing, we differentiate between bellows globe valves and gland packing valves.

Bellows-sealed globe valves have an additional bellows-seal, which provides greater safety and performance. The globe valves are therefore maintenance-free and allow longer service lives.

Gland packing globe valves, on the other hand, are not maintenance-free, and the packing must be readjusted or even replaced at regular intervals.

Globe valves are often used for the following media: Water, gas, condensate, thermal oils and many more.

The globe valves are supplied with flange connection according to EN 1092-1 from DN 15 to DN 300. The pressure ratings start at PN16 and depending on the connection variant go up to PN500. The valves are also available from 1/2 inch to 2 inch female thread to ANSI Claas 300 or with flange connection to ANSI Class 150 to 1500 lbs.

ACI Industriearmaturen supplies valves in straight or angle form with gland packing or bellows seal with flange connection, welding ends, welding sockets or threaded connection and these in DIN or according to ASNI. Of course, we also supply angle seat valves with these connection variants. Optional designs such as limit switches or other cone variants for shut-off valves are of course also possible. We advise you individually and tailor-made, so that we find exactly the valves for exactly your applications.

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