Pressure-Temperature Ratings according to DIN EN1092-1

The maximum allowable operating pressure for valves and flanges drops with rising temperature (within allowable limits). For flanges, these ratings are defined in the European Standard EN 1092-1. This standard lists the maximum allowable operating pressure for specific materials at specific temperatures and nominal pressure ratings.

The standard defines the operating range with regards to pressure and temperature, as well as their interdependence (p,T-rating). This information includes a maximum allowable pressure (PS) up to which the devices can be used at a certain allowable temperature (TS).

Our tool provides a convenient way to quickly check the pressure compatibility of your valve at your specific operating temperature.

Please be aware that these values are general recommended ratings based on the flange standard. The actual values for operating pressure and temperature can deviate, depending on the specific valve or device in question!

vR value 

The vR value is used in relation to the pressure and temperature rating in accordance with DIN EN 1092-1 for steel flanges (non-austenitic steels). The vR value refers to the original material thickness of a manufactured flange. For example, if a welding neck flange according to DIN EN 1092-1 type 11 with a nominal size of DN 50 and a nominal pressure of PN 16 was manufactured from a forging, the total thickness or total height of the finished flange would be 45 mm. Since machining requires an allowance for the face cut and subsequent cutting, the starting material would have to have a total thickness of 50 mm, for example.

Material: P280GH
Material number: 1.0426
Material group: 3E1
Pre-material steel forgings according to EN 10222-2

For the pressure and temperature rating, the vR value ≤ 50 mm would therefore have to be used, at a later application temperature of +300°C, a maximum pressure of 14 bar would be possible. For example, the vR value is not relevant for flanges made from round bar material.

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