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ACI Industriearmaturen GmbH is an owner-led company since 2008 with its origins in the trade of industrial fittings of any type and design. Over the course of time, however, our company has specialised in development, construction and manufacturing of tank sight and flow sight fittings. Here, the focus lies in the process monitoring of gaseous and liquid media such as steam, condensate, (drinking) water or chemicals. Whether it's flow indicators, weld-in or weld-on vessel indicators, screw-on vessel indicators or level indicators - we have a solution for almost every application.

The individual customer requirements are clearly in the foreground for us: We do not only provide your project with our fittings for process monitoring but furthermore deliver the necessary system components such as shut-off fittings, control fittings, backflow preventers, fittings and flanges, seals, screws as well as pneumatic, electric or hydraulic drives. When it comes to manufacturing our products, we only use high- quality and certified raw materials which consistently ensures usability in pressure vessels and systems.

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Certified Quality

We are a certified manufacturer, according to DGRL 2014/68/EU Module H, and can guarantee a consistently high production quality thanks to our certified quality management, according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Our internal procedures as well as the traceability of our raw materials are also always based on our quality management. Moreover, when selecting the necessary individual components such as technical glass, sealing materials and screws, we rely on well-known manufacturers without exception. Furthermore, we are characterised by in-house development and a very high production depth. 

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Professional Consulting

During the entire cooperation, we attach greatest importance to a detailed and professional advice as well as flexibility and customer proximity. This means: A continuously good communication with the customer during the whole project planning process and a smooth process due to short decision-making channels. Thus, you will always get exactly what you need for your project.

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We offer our services at fair conditions, however, the quality will remain equally high at any time. Timeliness, reliability and flexibility are the basis of a trusting and successful cooperation. We are a young and motivated team that adapts very dynamically to the increasingly demanding requirements. We help customers with engineering or, if necessary, take care of everything ourselves - from the initial analysis through development to the documentation. We stand by your side competently, quickly and reliably with every project.

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We are proud of our customers

The spectrum of our customers ranges from small and medium-sized companies to large, international corporations from almost all sectors of industry:

Energy producers, water suppliers, sewage treatment plants, maritime companies, shipbuilders, breweries, pipeline constructors, plant engineers or producers from the food industry.

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